Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Won A Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, Mary, over at Home is Where The Boat Is offered the cutest giveaway and it was all about reading, flip flops and fun in the sun, and since those are some of my favorite things I entered.  Sand Pail Selections and Flip Flops! is such a colorful, fun post and I quickly fell in love with the book selections, sand castles, flip flops and of course, the sangria! Here is a photo of Mary's delightful giveaway prizes.

When my box of goodies arrived I could barely contain my excitement! I've never won anything, EVER!!
Isn't this exciting? I almost forgot to take pictures, but came to my senses before I ripped into this wonderful box of goodness! 
As I gently unpacked the box taking care not to tear anything, I cherished every little item. I'm corny like that. Having never won anything before I didn't want the moment to end!

I couldn't stand it any longer, so the tissue started flying! Keeper, my Bichon, thought Mama was going crazy! She looked at me as if to say, "One more squeal and I'm outta here!" She's pretty camera shy so I told her that Mary's Bichons, Chloe and Gracie, pose all the time for pictures and are featured regularly in Mary's posts. She reluctantly gave in. Okay, I bribed her, but then she must have sniffed that a Bichon had been near the gifts, so she began to sit and pose and I went to town taking her picture. My girl will not be outdone!

I absolutely love the goodies I received! As a reader I'm always on the lookout for new and different books and the two books included, Chasing Fireflies and Amaryllis in Blueberry, are next on my reading list. This was such a wonderful gift to receive during these end of Summer days and I couldn't be more pleased.

Thank you so very much, Mary, Chloe and Gracie! We love our gifts!
Susan and Keeper