Friday, June 11, 2010


I recently took my second cruise through the Inside Passage in Alaska, a train ride into the Yukon Territory of Canada and a trip to Mt. Rainier in Washington. The mountains and glaciers are so breathtaking I thought I would share some of the many photos I took. On this trip I was able to visit Mt. Rainier for about 8 hours, something I really looked forward to and I wasn't disappointed! The snow was very deep due to a snowstorm the week before we were there.

Mt. Rainier

Endicott Arm Fjord
As we sailed through Endicott Arm Fjord the mountains towered above us and the fjord wound it's way through them. It is truly a breathtaking sight. The closer we got to the glacier the drearier it was, but it wasn't as cold this year.

Dawes Glacier
Endicott Arm Fjord
The glacier is two miles across at it's widest point. The tracks on the left are formed by scaly rock debris  from the mountain face that gets trapped in the ice over hundreds of years. We are probably at least a mile from the glacier.

Skagway, Alaska at sunrise

Along the Klondike Highway

Along the Klondike Highway

Sunrise as we sailed toward Juneau

Mendenhall Glacier Juneau

The entrance to Endicott Arm Fjord

The mountains and glaciers are absolutely breathtaking and pictures can never really capture the splendor that is Alaska.


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Susan, You went on my next dream vacation. Oh, the pictures are so beaurtiful, but I bet they just can't do justice to the scenery!
Thanks for stopping by StoneGable.
The linens are from a company called "Ridgefield Home" and I got them at HomeGoods this past winter.
Thanks for a look at my next vacation!

Paige Thomas King said...

I came to see your tablescape post, but was caught-up by your Alaska photos. They are--at the risk of sounding trite--breath taking!
I also peaked at your table setting and loved it!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Laura said...

All gorgeous, Susan! No wonder you keep going back!

dee dee said...

Ahhhh, postcard perfect!
What a beautiful part of the world... thanks for sharing!
Dee Dee

Sharlotte said...

Hi Susan,
Your pictures are breathtaking! They look like postcards, almost unbelieveable that you're actually looking at glaciers! Your images are crystal clear...wonderful photography!
I've always heard that the Alaskan cruise is one of a lifetime. My husband and I just returned from our first cruise and we're hooked! We definitely want to go on this trip. Thank you so very much for sharing and for visiting my blog.
Ms. Sharlotte's...Southern Reflections

Anita said...

Breathtaking photos!! I have been to Alaska once but didn't see anything like this. Beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by...can't wait to see your Ivy!!

Melissa Miller said...

WOW! Susan what a magical place. Amazing photos!

Thank you for your kind words and for entering my giveaway! I really appreciate sweet friend. Stop by anytime!

Blessings to you this weekend.
~Melissa :)

Anita said...

125 sets???? Oh my I'm more jealous! I started with 10, but one got broken in shipping. I love this wheat pattern, so I'll probably keep looking for them. I started looking for vintage Melmac and got a set of Brookpark "Pink Hyacinth" from 1956 I cannot wait to use. Everything is square! I am going to have an incredible giveaway in a couple weeks from Mikasa so stay tuned for more info!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Wow...gorgeous pics! This is one beautiful world we live in!

Oh, the candleholder you asked about on the coffee came from Kohls about 3 years ago. They ususally get them in every summer...just in different color each year.


Anita said...

I could have sworn I was a follower already!! Well, I am now!

Anita said...

Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by! I just realized that I have not seen "Keeper" and I know my girls would love that. THey really want a Bichon Frise!

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Beautiful!!! What fantastic pictures! I love it!

Sharlotte said...

I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. Yes, I love my poodle and she is a part of the family. It's their constant support with a no.matter.what type love that makes pets so special. I would LOVE to take her to work with me and believe me, I've thought about it many times. I teach elementary school and my kids would LOVE it, but my principal isn't too keen on animals...Thanks so much for visiting!

Designs on 47th Street said...

Hi Susan, thanks so much for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. We do enjoy dancing as a couple's "thing". :)

Your vacation is one we have talked about for a long, long time. Such gorgeous pictures!


The Tablescaper said...

What glorious photographs. If the photographs take my breath away, I can't imagine what it is like to see them in person.

Thanks for your visit and kind comment.

- The Tablescaper

Anita said...

Hi Susan! My kids are loving looking at the dogs for adoption! They found one they really liked named "Winston" but he was only for kids over 10. They bookmarked the site so they could look:-) Thanks for stopping by.We are really getting some cooler weather here, but now rain. I actually love the rainy, fall days if I'm inside with a cup of coffee!

Anita said...

I love weeds, and they are readily available here!! In February when there is nothing but pine and shriveled up rhododendron, I get a little crazy! The leaves are just starting to turn, so I will be out pruning my mother's trees for this week's table! Thanks for stopping by!!

Anita said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comments!! It's funny, I think I have the vision in my head but my trouble is actually using the camera. I need a photographer to take photos of my vision, lol!

Anita said...

Hopefully I'm still following you too, lol!! One never knows!

Anita said...

Hi Susan, you are always so sweet!! If I could just figure out how to use the camera I might get somewhere. I do enjoy trying, though! I just realized that you are an Auburn fan. My first job out of college was as a singing waiter at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mt. GA. Because of the proximity to Ala, groups of Auburn fans would frequently make the trip there. Small world!

Melissa Miller said...

Thank you Susan! Come back by later today and take a look at everything in my giveaway. It has been a fast two years but and so much fun to meet new blog friends like you.

Happy week and thank you for entering! ~Melissa :)

Melissa Miller said...

Susan it was awesome! It's about an hour from us but I'll be going back. You lucky duck you getting to go once a week. He! *Smiles*

SavannahGranny said...

You are so right about pic not being able to do justice to the beauty. My husband and I love Alaska. We have done the same cruise. The last time was two and a half years ago for our 50th anniversary.
I have photos of the Mendenhall Glacier on three separate occasions. You would be suprised at how much the glacier has melted over the last 30 years.
You have some awesome photos. Thanks for sharing